Long Distance Caregiving

Getting started with home care is rarely easy, but it’s especially difficult when seniors live hundreds of miles from their loved ones. At All Angels Care , we understand the challenges of long distance caregiving.

If your loved one lives in a different city or state, we’ll help you coordinate long distance caregiving through your loved one’s local All Angels Care office. Our long distance home care services ensure seniors get the support they need to age in place, while keeping family members in the loop every step of the way.

Long Distance Caregiving Services

These days, many Americans live several hours away from immediate and extended family members. Adult children make long distance relocations for job offers, educational opportunities, and personal circumstances. Many seniors, meanwhile, choose to spend retirement to sunnier climates, moving to states where they can spend their golden years more comfortably.

At All Angels care, we make it easy to find high-quality care for seniors who live far away from family and friends. Our long distance caregiving services were designed to overcome these distances, helping families coordinate care for elderly loved ones who live in a different city, or even a different state.

If you have an elderly family member who requires long distance caregiving, here are some of the ways that All Angel Care can help:

  • When you call 770 809 3777, we will put you in touch with the All Angels Care office serving your loved one’s area. (Alternatively, you can contact your loved one’s local office directly through our website’s Find Home Care feature.)
  • Your loved one’s local All Angels Care office will provide you with detailed information via phone or email, including answers to any questions you may have and recommendations for next step.
  • We will help you coordinate a detailed care consultation for your loved one. For long distance caregiving, we conduct a one-on-one in-home consultation with your loved one, as well as a detailed phone consultation with the family member(s) responsible for coordinating care.
  • All Angels Care will match your loved one with a compassionate caregiver, whose skills are ideally suited to your loved one’s needs.
  • Once care services begin, we will provide regular updates by phone or email, keeping you up to date on your loved one’s physical, cognitive, and emotional well-being. If we notice changes in your loved one’s health, you will be immediately notified.
  • We perform regular drop-in visits and check-in calls to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients. Additionally, all of our offices maintain an after-hours line that family members can call in the event of emergencies or other urgent situations.


How Home Care Works

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